Precision Medicine
Needs Better Data

Many biomarkers have shown great promise, but few are measured in hospitals today. We generate critical new data.


Biological Complexity

We combine new biomarker data with clinical data to identify a patient's individual immune response.


Intelligent Patient Matching to Improve Outcomes

We use artificial intelligence to analyze outcome data from past patients with matching biology to tailor treatment in real-time.

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Our Vision

We generate new,
high-quality data.

Today's existing clinical datasets are noisy, non-standardized, and are missing thousands of promising biomarkers. We are growing the first pristine patient dataset that combines critical time series biomarker data with existing clinical data.

Our machine learning algorithms use this proprietary dataset to guide treatments and improve outcomes by unraveling the complexity of the individual human immune response.

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Our Process

Treating the Atypical
Immune Response

When your immune system malfunctions, it can be deadly. The heterogeneity of different patients' immune responses makes treatment decisions more complex and challenging. That's where we can help.

The Right Data +
High-Quality Inputs

Our unique process starts by analyzing the problem and determining the right time series biological and clinical data to address complex medical conditions. We have strict quality and standardized requirements to ensure our algorithms learn from the best data.

Advanced Tools
Unravel Complexity

Using our algorithms, we analyze the individual patient immune response and match with historical data so that physicians can confidently treat patients. As our proprietary dataset grows, our machine learning clinical decision support tools continuously improve.

First Target: Sepsis in Hospitals

#1 cause of death
in U.S. Hospitals
Key biomarker inputs
are missing today
Rapid and extreme
immune response
Our Solution

Redefining Sepsis at the Individual Patient Level

Our system feeds unique data into sophisticated machine learning algorithms to rapidly categorize individual patient immune responses.

Better Care
with Patient Matching

ImmunoMatch uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms trained by the NOSIS Dataset to perform intelligent patient matching. Using outcome data from similar past patients, physicians can confidently treat patients to improve outcomes over the continuum of sepsis care.

Potential Benefits for Hospitals

Reduce mortality
and readmissions
hospital costs
Improve compliance
with CMS Core
Our Team

Management Team

Bobby Reddy, Jr., Ph.D.

Bobby Reddy, Jr., Ph.D.


Bobby has led the company from inception, driving company vision, building the team, securing clinical and strategic partnerships, and raising funds...

Angela McFarland, CPA, MBA

Angela McFarland, CPA, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Angela is a seasoned CFO with over 15 years experience leading organizations in the biotechnology industry and start-up environment. Previously, she held...

Carlos Lopez-Espina, MS

Carlos Lopez-Espina, MS

Director of Analytics

Carlos is an innovator and multidisciplinary problem solver focused on biotechnology, clinical research and product development. Over the last 15 years...

>David Sihai Zhao, Ph.D.

David Sihai Zhao, Ph.D.

Head of Algorithm Development

Dave has specialized in statistical techniques for analyzing large-scale data from high-throughput biological datasets for over 11 years, and has...

Rashid Bashir, Ph.D.

Rashid Bashir, Ph.D.

Board Member and Co-Founder

Rashid is an innovation leader in the development of new technologies in the biotechnology field. He has a proven track record of successfully transitioning...


Sean Murphy

Sean is the Executive Vice President of Malin Life Sciences Holding, a publicly traded investment company. Sean was a co-founder of Malin, which has invested approximately $500 Million dollars of...

Mark Wagner

Mark has more than 30 years of global experience in the medical device industry. He most recently served as the President and CEO of Celleration until its acquisition by Alliqua ...

Edward Ogunro, Ph.D.

Ed served as the Chief Scientific Officer and Senior VP of Research & Development and Regulatory Affairs at Hospira for 4 years. Prior to that, he was the Corporate VP of Hospital Products Research...

John Landgraf

John most recently served as the Executive VP of Nutritional Products, one of Abbott's largest businesses. Prior to this, he held roles as the Senior VP of Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Supply...

Edwin Moore

Ed is a currently a visiting scientist at the Beckman Institute and an EIR mentor at EnterpriseWorks at UIUC, in addition to serving as the president and co-founder of BioPhia...

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