De Novo FDA Authorization (April 2024)

The Sepsis ImmunoScoreTM

First-ever FDA authorized AI sepsis diagnostic tool with powerful diagnostic and predictive capabilities

We believe acute care should be tailored to the individual biology of each patient.

We enable clinicians to see people differently with new tools that reveal deep biological insights.

The Sepsis ImmunoScoreTM assists providers in combatting sepsis, which kills more people than all cancers combined1.

The Sepsis ImmunoScoreTM enables faster treatment decisions, improved outcomes, quality metrics, and hospital financials.

A Next Gen Precision Medicine Tool for Acute Care

  • FDA De Novo Authorized
  • Built on Biological Data, Trained on Thousands of Patients
  • 22 Holistic Parameters
  • Artificial Intelligence to Augment Clinician Decision Making
  • A Diagnostic integrated Into the Workflow: Not an Alert System
  • Complementary, Not Competitive, to Alert Systems

Sepsis ImmunoScoreTM results in four risk categories that are associated with:

Chances of Sepsis
within 24 hours


Hospital Length
of Stay

ICU Transfer
Within 24 Hours

Vasopressors Used
Within 24 Hours

Mechanical Ventilation
Within 24 Hours

Building Trust with Clinicians

Most artificial intelligence solutions for sepsis are a black box.

Sepsis ImmunoScoreTM – Transparency to enable true clinician-AI partnership

Sepsis ImmunoScoreTM – Transparency to enable true clinician-AI partnership

Each Sepsis ImmunoScoreTM result is accompanied by an intuitive display that directly explains how each of the 22 patient parameters either increased or decreased the risk of sepsis for that individual patient. In a human factors study2 with >30 clinicians, 100% agreed that the graphical interface de-mystified AI and built trust in the Sepsis ImmunoScoreTM.

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